Yoga poses you should never do

Bend your elbows, rotating your arms out. Do this Yoga poses you should never do 10 times. 43 ADVANCED Decline Bicep Curls over Ball BENEFITS: A concentrated way to define Yoga poses you should never do your upper arms. Kneel on the floor with your chest on the ball, thighs against the ball, on the balls of your feet. Extend your arms, holding weights, straight, palms up. Curl your palms up to your shoulder and then lower them back down. Firmly press elbows into the ball. Do this 10 times.

I have identified one of the processes behind this: Hinduisation. Through the expansion of feudal states into tribal areas not only the tribal communities were transformed. The aggressors themselves – the Great Traditions – went through ruptures. We have already heard about the influx of the Kula and Krama traditions. Let me very briefly mention another tribal movement of the Siddhas, which in a similar way contributed to the divinisation of the ruling groups of kings, lords and religious leaders.

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