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Functional Movement: The most important concept to remember while working Yoga poses quick on the ball is that the ball moves due to its shape and the dynamic surface and Yoga poses quick you should too! We will be using the ball as a tool to proprioceptively meaning how the brain receives information and tells the body how to move train your body. Remember, muscles do not work in isolation, even when the exercise focuses on just one muscle. Posture Fundamentals Proper posture plays a major role in all movement: exercising, dancing, participating in any sport, and functioning with ease and energy everyday! So, why aren’t we all standing tall and pain-free already?

Because most of us have postural defects that prevent us from holding our bodies properly and, even more importantly for us, from exercising properly. I’ll begin by explaining two common posture types. You will identify the posture you have while standing in front of a mirror, comparing your stance with the characteristics of the two common problem postures: lordosis and kyphosis. There are also flat back, tucked, and swayback postures with no natural curves; C’ or S’ curved spines with scoliosis; excessive kyphosis among the elderly; osteoporosis, and combination postures. We of course are aiming for the idealposture. This means maintaining the natural curves in cervical neck and lumbar lower back areas with mindfully balanced core muscles working together to form a natural weight belt.

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