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The pelvis is the body’s center of power. The pelvis Yoga poses root chakra lines up like a triangle between the two predominant bones near the top of the pelvis the Yoga poses root chakra ASIS anterior superior iliac spine and the pubis, or pubic bone. We want to prevent the top of the pelvis from rocking either too far forward or too far back, but instead remaining centered to coordinate the core muscles between the rib cage and pelvis.

Proper Sitting Pose If you look at your body from the side, your shoulders and hips should be stacked,or in line with each other.

Your butt should be just below the apex, or top point, of the ball, with a tripod of your tailbone and two sitting bonescreating even and relaxed weight distribution. The crease line of your hip and your knees should be in a straight line. Your ankle should be in line with your knees. Over-Tucking with Posterior Tilt This posture overworks the front thighs and compresses your lumbar spine.

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