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This makes your abdominals hang forward and overuses the muscles of Yoga poses runners your lower back and shoulders. Instead, try to sit squarely on your hips and sit Yoga poses runners bones. Keep the weight of your trunk back on your pelvis tripod. This may feel unnatural, as if you’re leaning back, but as you work your core abs, back, and hips together, your trunk muscles will begin to synchronize and eventually it won’t feel comfortable to lean forward anymore! Proper Prone Position Your should have a neutral pelvis with your rib cage resting just beyond the apex of the ball.

You want your knees bent, thighs resting against the ball to prevent the tendency to tuck and overuse the muscles on the front of your body. You may think that because you’re lying on your belly, you’ll automatically work you back body muscles. Surprise, but no! Your strong front muscles are sneaky, and will take over regardless of position, unless you take charge. Your toes should be bent under towards the ball with your weight distributed evenly across all ten toes.

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