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INTERMEDIATE Side Lying Fly BENEFITS: This move isolates your pectoral Yoga poses you shouldn’t do when pregnant muscles, giving lift to your bust. Lie with your left side on the ball, Yoga poses you shouldn’t do when pregnant left leg extended straight and right leg crossed over it, knee bent. Support your head with your left hand elbow bent. Your arms are open in fly position with weights. One arm closes to the center of your chest, your trunk stays straight. Return to starting position. 45 INTERMEDIATE Decline Bench Press Lie over the ball with your head and shoulders back over the ball in the decline position. Your arms should assume a bench press position, with your elbows bent into the ball and your palms facing forward.

The Tantric discourse of human divinity significantly increased the power of the leaders of religious communities – the gurus and the acaryas. However the discourse had much wider implications. In the belligerent medieval society, where religion and social power became one, leaders like the king and the guru actually became living gods.

Everybody lived in a divine realm. Social hierarchies, inequalities, economic exploitation and power were divine manifestations that should be worshipped rather than resisted. This implied a strengthening of the local religious Tantric leader, the guru. There had always been teachers and gurus in India, but now they became something special. They were divine representations on earth, whom people and students worshipped.

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