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Samadhi as mystical or Gnostic event of release?

This hair-splitting map of the process of deepened meditation is well-charted water for the student of early Buddhism.257 Some Buddhist schools operated in a similar way with 9 levels of jhana that the meditator passed through before achieving final nirvana (blown out).258 However, once more, in Buddhism nirvana is kept clearly distinct from the meditation process as such: it is a goal, a state of mind – not a process.

We have often observed how Buddhism has influenced yoga, but in respect of achieving mystical release in deep absorption it is probably the other way round (Lynne 2007). When reading about yoga in the Upanishads, we concluded that the Brahmins had this mystic-metaphysical notion of release. In deep total trance, when the mind was in turya , an incredible ontological transformation occurred. The knower merged with the known; the subject became the object; the Brahmin dropped into an underlying non-dual reality; the meditator became brahman – a principle to which one cannot attach words. In the Upanishads, however, we never found a satisfying explanation of how this ontological transformation was exactly possible; it raised more questions than it answered. The question is now whether the YS is a continuation of this mystical model of liberation.

Then, try to inhale a little bit more before exhaling Yoga postures for weight loss in hindi completely. This exercise increases the pressure in the lungs and gives them time to fully expand Yoga postures for weight loss in hindi them, increasing their capacity. The idea is allowing them to reach full capacity in order to deliver more oxygen rich blood to the brain, heart and every other muscle. This is another exercise best practiced right before meditation. While focusing, you will inhale deeply, inflating your lungs as much as possible. Then, hold your breath for about 10 seconds. Before exhaling, you will want to try to inhale just a little bit more, holding that for as long as you can before you exhale. Do this a few times, but pay attention, if your body is not used to this the exercise can be disorienting and you should build up to those 10 seconds.

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