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With arthritis of just about every kind, extreme motion at Yoga retreat any of the lumbar joints can compress a nerve root and cause pain.

In addition, Yoga retreat restricted range of motion even at one level of the spine puts more stress on the joints nearby, such as the hips, sacroiliac joints, and the shoulders. You might exhibit this extra stress by adopting unusual motions, such as when you are getting into a car or out of a boat or passing the sugar at a long table.

Yoga for the Back Yoga may gradually improve the range of motion of the vertebral joints in all three planes of movement, increasing the ease and degree to which you can bend forward and back and side to side, and twist to the right and left. In doing this it is best to allot a share of the work of bending, weight bearing, and balance to each joint. If each of the twenty-five vertebral joints extends its range 3.6 degrees, that adds up to an additional 90 degrees of motion! Yoga poses can also be directed specifically to the joints that connect the spine to the head, ribs, and pelvis. Greater range of motion in these joints has the same benefits, by decompressing the joints nearby.

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