Yoga Teachers You Dont have Time for Competition

Today’s post is all about why competition shouldn’t even come into your brain as a yoga teacher. And it has nothing to do with you know lovey dovey things the simple matter of the fact is that while there are so many yoga teachers in the world today and maybe in your own community my own community there are so many incredible yoga teachers. And it’s a relatively small community I mean I live in the Hamptons. So the summer season is insane and there are so many people here. And then the offseason things get a little bit quieter and people start to go into this scarcity mindset and, if you ever watched one of my other posts and talk about fear over love. So we start to go into this fearful scarcity mindset in the wintertime.

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Because it seems like there’s not enough to go around. But it is our duty to get a little bit creative. Because as yoga teachers or healers or light workers of any capacity health coaches things like that there are so many people in this world that need our help that need are alike. And we have to try to heal this world it has much capacity as we can. So there is never a need for competition. Because there is always someone who needs your help it just might require that you be a little bit more creative than trying to get that hot class on Friday nights or we’re over time your hot classes wednesday nights at five-thirty after work when everybody wants to go into a yoga class you know maybe it’s not your calling to have that hot yoga class on that everybody wants to go to maybe it’s your calling to get a little bit more creative.

And try to reach people online try to reach people in other edges of the world put together your own little group of people in your community that resonate with your message have them to your home do the little creative workshops attempt there is absolutely no need for competition in my community to your community any yoga community we need to be helping each other lifting each other up and make sure that we’re all getting our message out into the world. Because every one of us is needed there is still much darkness in this world I say this all the time there is so much darkness and not enough light so there’s no reason that we should be try to be trying to dim anyone else’s life, if anything we should be helping them shine even brighter. So that is my own mission is to help you as a yoga teacher as a person, if you’re not a yoga teacher it’s my mission to help you shine brighter and brighter and to share your message with the world as much as you can so please shift your perspective, if you are in this fearful mindset of competition and scarcity in your own yoga community let it go.

Because we don’t need that type of energy we don’t have time for that type of energy we only have time for the positive loving light energy that is going to help to heal this world and. So let’s help each other make this light shine over the entire world reach every single soul on this planet and help them heal help them see their own light and to shine brightly that’s what we have to do that is our mission and our calling as healers as light workers that’s what we do so collaborate with your friends collaborate with your neighbors and create something beautiful that is going to heal this world do not waste another moment on competition on worrying and on scarcity okay do you have a pack, if you agree with me give me a thumbs up on this post.

So I know that you’re with me and that you’re standing with me in this idea. And the our yoga teacher please subscribe even, if you’re not a yoga teacher you can subscribe to my blog. Because I put out lots of great posts Monday’s you can do some yoga with me Wednesday’s all about life fridays all about the business of yoga. So let’s learn together let’s grow together and let’s shine our light even writer I look forward to seeing you again in another post by namaste.

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