Yoga for Beginners Sun Salutation B with CHAIR POSE

Hi I’m Sophie and today I’m going to be teaching you how to transition from chair pose through to a forward fold and back again we’re also going to break down chair pose in detail. So you know exactly how it should feel in your body when you’re attempting this position so to start with you’re gonna stand with your feet together toes together heels together draw in through the belly. And then tilt the hip points up roll the shoulders back and down reaching the crown of the head up towards the sky from here we’re going to Bethany’s take the hands down towards the mat. And just brush the fingertips onto your mat as you then sweep them up towards the sky sinking the hips nice and low as you keep the belly drawn in and relax your shoulders away from your ears. So this is chair pose. So It’s show you from the side you’re just imagine you’re sitting on a tiny little chair and, if squeezing the thighs together and like you put a little piece of paper in between you don’t want to drop it same time belly moves in and up. And the tailbone just tucks under very slightly in this position you should also have most of your weight in the heel st. actually different Rosa transition from here you take your hands to prayer. And then start to talk towards through the bulb.

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And then come back up you go take it inhale you can take the hands down to the mat come all the way up reach up towards the sky. And then exhale take your hands by your side come back to sebasnow marchin pose. So once you’ve mastered your chair pose and you’ve tried this movement a few times you can now start to learn that what’s called Sun Salutation B exactly what we learned in the other post and Sun Salutation a. But instead of starting in Tad Asana and taking the hands up to the sky. And come into a good quote like this you’re gonna bend your knees. And come into chair pose to start so as I said we get started on our toes together heels together belly draws in hit point tilt up shoulders roll back down and on an inhale we’re going to get the knees sweep the hands down to the floor lift up through the chest reach through fixes a neck care that you roll forward the tricep press making sure the whole body comes down in one piece the entail roll the shoulders back exhale come all the way back down tuck your toes behind come back to downward facing dog and from here we’re going to inhale the right foot up high to the sky exhale step your right foot floor between the hands making sure that your knee is over your ankle. And you’re gonna inhale come all the way up into a lunge position.

So In your lunge position you want to make sure again your knees over your ankle you’re reaching up through the fingertips looking up towards the sky pressing into your back heel. And you actually tilt the hip points are slightly although the stance that you have to intuitive this is going to be all in one breath. But I’m just breaking it down. So you know how it should feel in the lunge position from here you get the hands back through the heart all the way down to the mat set the right foot back again. And this you drop the knees or cut down through chaturanga throw bluto’s to up dog and roll all the way back with basic w the next sites we gave you hair left by Thursday and class at the letter through for lunch again make sure your knees over your ankle and inhale come all the way up exhale hands all the way down for mat step the left foot back to downward facing dog then roll all the way forwards to find your highlight and again either drop the knees or chaturanga up dog or low Cobra and downward facing dog breathing here for five long deep breaths feet are hip width apart shoulders relaxing away from the ears fingers spread nice and wide. But after five breaths inhale your right foot up high surf sky exhale step it through to runners lunge. And then rock back on your right heel spring your left foot to meet your right knee inhale look up lengthen exhale fold inhale bend the knees to the house we’ll come back into chair pose and exhale hands by your side thank you very much for reading my post and thanks to everyone that has been commenting below, if you would like to comment go ahead below or, if you want to subscribe you can buzz thanks bye.

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