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Before starting your practice take two yoga blocks now sit in Vajr Asana or any easy sitting position just observe your incoming and outgoing breath now from the sitting position come to automaker swan asan downward-facing dog engage your abdominal and open your spine strengthening your entire leg just stay five to ten breath here and watch your breath from the Adamic a swan asthma bring your torso forward until your shoulder over your wrists arms perpendicular to the floor engage your abdominal and stay five to ten breath here in dand Asana from the national position bring your right palm to the center of man roll on the author is of your right foot left foot on top of your right and extend your left arms just softened your breath from vasisth Asana again return to plank position stay few breath here now lower your knees for dentures and relax in my krasna crocodile position for few breath now be ready for modified chattering for arms plank position first place your forearms on the floor shoulder-width apart elbow directly under your shoulder toes curl under and feet hip-width apart now inhale lift your upper body exhale there again inhale.

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And lift your knees. And come to modify shattering position keeping is your abdominal and root log mole bandha stay as comfort as possible again come back to a democracy on asthma missed a few friends now repeat all three Asana from plan to modify chatter on two other side first plank you stay again five to ten breath then this time left side vasisth Asana side plank pose. And this is the position you feel the more challenge. So you keep engage your hips position breathe slowly softly and from vashisht Asana come to again plank position stay few grand then lower your entire body on the mat and be ready for modified chaturanga sauna or for arms plank position after practicing other side all three Asana come back to again at home Cushman asthma is t23 breath now from Adamic swan has now bend your knees and sit on the mat from sitting position band again your knees with support of your hand inhale lift your legs and reach hands forward keep straight your back and chest broad engage your abdominal and stay five to ten breath here from foreign nav Asana lower your entire body to other nav Asana position half boat pose keeping is your abdominal.

And breathe softly here again from nav Asana come to full boat position stay fie breath. And then again again come back to other nav Asana position. So you can repeat this pune nav Asana an earthen of Asana sequence many times cross your leg and sit in Vajr Asana be ready for with faulty from barrage now position take your yoga blocks and place it to both sides to your body cross your leg from by drisana position with the support of block inhale and lift your leg up engage your core. And your back should be like cat position rounded back lean little forward. So you feel comfortable a place your blog site to your mat and lie down for Istanbul Ashna now bring your palms under your hips feet together spine should be straight in him lift your legs away from the floor little bit and toes pointed engage your lower abdominal and breathe softly long deep inhale you may stay as comfortable ever now come out of the position and be ready for say to wonder serving Asana band your knees. And your hand side to your body inhale and lift your upper body away from the floor and open your chest you may support your back here and to apan Asana position knee to chest stage few breath here from upon asthma position now final sav Asana corpse position relaxation everywhere should be Comfort relaxed position first watch your breath two-three breath incoming outgoing and surrender your whole body back to gravity just lose your entire body weight to gravity relax watch your entire body from top to bottom and lose everywhere. And when you feel your body you relax then return your attention to your breath. And just talks are incoming and outgoing bed and be relaxed relax.

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