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Whenever a muscle is stretched, one reflex the stretch or Yoga blocks myotatic reflex stimulates the muscle to contract; the other the Golgi tendon reflex inhibits muscular contraction Yoga blocksin response to stretch. Both reflexes start from tiny sense organs Yoga blocks within each muscle and tendon that relay information back to the spinal cord. When the reflexes Yoga blocks that promote or facilitate muscle contraction get triggered, the muscles pull back. They are the ones that respond when the doctor strikes the tendon just below your kneecap. That quick little stretch of the quadriceps muscle results in a tightening of the muscle, contracting it and raising your lower leg. These reflexes are initiated by sense organs, the intrafusal fibers, but these organs also have tiny muscles within them!

This allows them to adjust how strongly they stimulate the contraction of large skeletal muscles. Another set of sense organs in each muscle’s tendon the Golgi tendon organs inhibit muscle contraction. When there is a tug on a muscle, be it by the hand of a good friend, the swing of a tennis racket, gravity, or yoga, these sense organs contact the spinal and pontine motor centers in the brain to One basic mechanism in many yoga postures entering them slowly and holding them utilizes the fact that the intrafusal stimulating fibers are dynamic.

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