Yoga poses good for pregnancy

As a culture, we often make resolutions in the new Yoga poses good for pregnancy year. We promise this and we give up that, but how much thought really goes Yoga poses good for pregnancy into these pledges? How often are we simply acting out of habit or societal expectations? How long does it take before we fail to meet those promises? What are our chances for success? If a heightened awareness in what we say and do is the goal, then I suppose the promise itself is enough. After all, the intention is there.

But what if we were all to make promises to ourselves and to others, and then actually fulfill them? Most of us want to be better people, don’t we? Well, better is always within our reach. An entrv from my diary: Today is my thirty-third birthday. As I sit here in the cabin that my father built, with my family all around me, I am filled with gratitude. I am overwhelmed by beautiful memories of my father and childhood. I have heard many people speak of the pressures to have every-thingfigured out by this age, if not just to merely be surviving.

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