New Yoga Poses

New Yoga Poses

Therefore you can lose weight or feel a lot lighter if you promote your “Happy Heart”. Go on see what you can do to lift the spirits in your workplace. Go on just do it right now.

I am British, well to be more accurate a citizen of the United Kingdom or as I would prefer to be labelled English. However the slogan on our Union flag sums us up in times of adversity and the flag itself give a message that can serve us well if we think of this as a Company.

The Union flag itself is a mixture of flags and symbolises the Union (United Kingdom) of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. When you see your country flag, I expect that you feel that sense of belonging and unity. With your company you should endeavour to extol these feelings and virtues.

Are you and your colleagues proud of the Company name and logo etc.? Are you proud to work there?

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If you answer negatively to these questions then maybe you need to seek to change these feelings. You can start with yourself and then spread the word.

For example you can start setting higher standards. I worked on Contract where one of the board of directors would visit the site from Japan. If he saw some litter while he was walking around the site or the offices he would pick it up. His spirit and example was infectious as people would follow his lead. You do not have to be the boss to do this. Show others the standards you expect. Show them don’t tell them.

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