10 Best Yoga Poses For Better Sex

Sex is our spiritual practice and our natural birthright. It’s free, fun, bonding, loving and keeps you fit, puts a spring in your step, releases happy hormones in your system and calms your brain. Other health benefits include boosting immune systems and libidos, lessening pain, enhancing sleep and soothing stress.

So here’s a guide to use all things yoga to help you enjoy this natural wonder to its full potential. It’ll help you overcome barriers, create more energy, banish negativity, become confident with your mind, body and partner and become more open in communication.

If you’re abstaining at the moment then perhaps this tool-kit consisting of visualisation, meditation, breathing, bonding, yoga and much more will benefit you in other aspects of your life.

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So now plan some quiet time and indulge. I invite you to open your hearts and minds and full beings ready to ride the waves of pleasure and float on a cloud of silver lining to heaven… maybe even outer space!

I’m going to use the acronym ‘PEEMS’ to structure this foreplay which will enlighten you to the 5 layers of our being.

Positions – experiment with angles of your body to explore all the thousands of nerve endings between you. Invest in a Kama Sutra guide to give you some ideas (the ancient Indian texts in 7 sections with the 2nd section, ‘On Sexual Union’ detailing different sexual positions). Why not try out naked yoga positions whilst making love?

Partner Yoga – will create that cosmic connection through eye contact and touch whilst tuning in to one another’s bodies and being empathetic with each other’s barriers and blockages. It’ll be a warming foreplay by stretching out those inner thighs, hips and tight shoulders ready for a little bedroom gymnastics. What a fun way to burn calories!

Strengthen – yes, why not embark on a bedroom specific workout to enhance your sex life. Try Kegels for the pelvic floor muscles, core work to support your back and limbs. Sun Salutes for military style, squats for aesthetic as well as physically pleasing reasons.

Massage – take turns in giving shoulder rubs or massage whichever muscle groups require some TLC; this will relax you, create a bond between you and set the feel good hormones flowing through your system along with stimulating those erogenous nerve endings.

Pranayama – take a few moments to balance the flow of breath in your body which will reduce cortisol and relax the nervous system or face your partner, taking in their breath as you breathe to conjure a magical connection all whilst gazing in to the windows of their soul.

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