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Easy Yoga Poses really only begins once the soul is realised as the core of the self undertaking the yoga. Once this is realised then the preliminary stages consist of liberating the soul from false identification as quickly as possible. Thus some degree of self realisation is a prerequisite for the yoga.

The entity undertaking the yoga IS already the soul. The personality is not separate from the soul; it is in fact a subset of the soul and owes its entire conscious life including its desire to unite with the soul to the fact that it originates from the soul. Self consciousness and therefore free will is a gift from the soul to animal man. Indeed the soul is the very substance of consciousness and so any thought or action taken by a self conscious entity IS already the soul thinking or taking action.

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The personality is a part of the soul that is caught within the illusion of the three worlds and therefore considers that it has independent existence from the soul. When this illusion dissolves the personality self is realised as a subset of the soul. The boundary between the two becomes permeable and gradually the identity becomes more focused within the larger ring-pass-not of the soul expressing itself through the personality.

In order to follow this thread of soul-personality interaction it is necessary to define what is meant by those terms. On the lower turn of the spiral the personality is the illusory separated self bent upon ensuring its own survival and polarised in the emotional or lower mental nature. That is the unenlightened personality that needs to build the lower part of the antahkarana and connect with the causal self. On the higher turn of the spiral there is the soul-inspired or ‘solarised’ personality which might be defined as ‘the incarnating soul’ or that portion of the soul which has undertaken incarnation in the three worlds to carry out a piece of work on behalf of the ashram. This necessarily requires the completion of the higher antahkarana from the mental unit to the mental permanent atom and therefore the triad. Consciousness as it expresses through the fourth or human kingdom, has a ninefold manifestation.

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