26 Yoga Poses

26 Yoga Poses

However, I know I have gone through a severe process of change. That forgoes whatever has been written for thousands of years.

Back in 1999, I was caught up in a love affair that did not work out. In the consequences I became aware of what I thought was an external source of contact.

It was apparent I was dealing with the Unknown, a region of the mind where very few people have trespassed.

Eventually I got caught up in one of the Secret Doctrines of Tibetan Yoga, “The Path of the Clear Light”. I know it probably sounds like a bunch of crap but I do not paint my words with sugar and spice, and I tell it the way it is.

After close to twenty years on the path, dealing with society and everyday occurrences, I know through my experiences what I say is probably the easiest way to find yourself and raise the energy within.

I do not recommend anyone to listen to me unless you want to take a trip into the twilight of your own mind.

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