27 yoga poses for weight loss

Yoga Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, its 27 yoga poses for weight loss modern forms drawing on a very rich history of traditions and teachings. Its primary purpose has 27 yoga poses for weight loss remained the same: to calm the mind and render it deeper and more subtle than our everyday awareness. As greater numbers of people worldwide turn to yoga for healing and personal growth, the vast dimension of what yoga has to offer can be eclipsed by its trendiness or by its flashier side the calisthenics, the pretzel poses, the dramatic breathing techniques. People with arthritis might think, I’m too stiff to do yoga or Yoga is too foreign and strange.

In this book we make it clear that anyone can do yoga and gain a wide range of benefits. The word yoga is derived from a Sanskrit root which means to yoke or harness. On one level this can be taken to mean the harnessing of awareness, learning to focus the mind. Another level of meaning presupposes the notion of a supreme consciousness, an absolute reality, to which the individual spirit can be joined.

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