3 yoga poses for weight loss

Though its origins were clearly in the realms of spiritual discipline 3 yoga poses for weight loss possibly read religion , many people doing yoga today immerse themselves fully in the practice while still 3 yoga poses for weight loss adhering to their own religious affiliations, agnosticism, or atheism As one writer put it, Yoga itself is not a religion.

It is undenominational, relying not on faith but on a number of techniques that gradually lead the individual to the direct experience of those truths on which religion rests. We can call it the inner spirit of religion. 1 Although more than sixteen million Americans practice and believe in yoga,2 it is nonsectarian. There is no organized Church of Yoga, and likewise no faith we know of that opposes it. Classical yoga texts recognize a supreme being, but personal evolution is always the process and the goal. To be a student of yoga you must do yoga, that is all there is to it. Once you start it, the process is selfdirecting.

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