3Rd Chakra Yoga Poses

3Rd Chakra Yoga Poses

Backdoor Yoga works hand in hand with other forms of Yoga. You may be more comfortable in the more traditional Lotus position and following the guidelines of Mindfulness for focusing on a central thought. There are many methods. There are even thoughts of an analytical method trying to convey logic through meditation.

Neither one is more valid than the other. Backdoor Yoga is really based on being in contact with the Soul, which is you.

In a sense, without the ability of thought the presence of the Inner Self is very difficult to detect. We use the Inner Self or Soul continually throughout the day in a way that is very difficult to recognize with thoughts and actions.

We are never alone. That famous phrase, “I think therefore I am,” is a little off. It would be better to say, “We think therefore we are.” The only way the first rendition would be right is when there is complete unadulterated Union with the Self, the Soul.

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