5 Basic Yoga Poses

5 Basic Yoga Poses

We humans as a society like to look at things as an absolute that is unchanging. The problem with that mind frame is that there are no absolutes in Backdoor Yoga other than color and sound and vibration.

With everything being a Belief, you have a choice to accept it or not, even if it is something that has been established over the years.

• Being that new born babe is extremely difficult if you are trying to remove years of thought based on a present-day mind frame.

• Awareness, keeping track of what you are thinking of, is very difficult, but becomes easier.

• Acknowledge everything that happens, especially feelings.

• Do not judge anything, including yourself.

• There is no Right or Wrong, everything is a learning experience.

• Try to meditate during the day, as if you were in a comfortable place at home.

• Basically become aware of your thoughts and acknowledge all thoughts, without judgment.

• Acknowledge all thoughts no matter what time of the day or night.

• Develop a dialogue with the Inner Self, the Soul.

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• Trust the Soul and trust yourself.

• Love the Soul as yourself.

• Love yourself and believe in yourself

• But foremost become aware of your own thoughts and actions.

• The Soul may throw subtle hints out there with information, possibly suggesting that something should be done. Acknowledge them and follow through and gradually you will become stronger and more in tune to the Self.

• Pay attention to your dreams, for the Soul talks to you in your sleep, but also be aware that so does Nature although in a slightly different manner.

• You can do nothing wrong. Everything is a learning experience.

• If someone says you have to do something, or you cannot do something, it is coming from an area that you should not listen to.

• Do not fear the Unknown for the Unknown may be welcome.

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