5 Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Life

By eating a healthy Mediterranean diet for 1 year, you can feed healthy gut bacteria, ensure healthy aging, and prevent problems such as weakening and regression in cognitive activities that may occur in your old age. So it is not too late to increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil and fish, and to get rid of processed meat and saturated fats.


Physical activities – especially exercise – can help prevent overeating. In a study, it was observed that participants who did not exercise had a 12% risk of overeating in the following hours, while this rate was only 5% for those who exercised for 60 minutes.

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Consuming just two servings of walnuts per week is associated with healthy aging in women in their 50s and 60s. Calculation is also very simple: one serving equals about 30gr.

Keep your eyes peeled and look for whole grain products on your next visit to the supermarket. Choose products that have higher percentages of whole grains in the ingredient list or that say “rich in whole grains” on the front of the package.
Take care of your heart!

According to a scientific study, those who try to maintain their heart health with a diet that emphasizes plant foods should also avoid excessive consumption of products such as sweets, refined grains and fruit juices. Unfortunately, the more we avoid these foods, the sweeter they seem!

It’s never too late to prevent a heart attack… According to reports presented by the journal Stroke, women in their 50s
who make healthy lifestyle changes significantly reduce their risk of having a heart attack later in life.
Quitting smoking, starting to exercise, staying at a healthy weight and making healthy eating choices are very important in this regard.

See a dietitian

As part of the fight against chronic diseases, people who go to a dietitian for the treatment of malnutrition can now contact a dietitian on their phones.

In these difficult conditions we are in due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many dietitians continue to provide services online.

According to researchers, it is possible to reduce the risk of heart disease by 18% by consuming tofu only once a week. Tofu is a rich source of healthy isoflavones. Just like edamame, peanuts, chickpeas, broad beans, nuts and fruits…

Quality life

Are you the Lion King? If you’re physically active at work but a real potato sack in the evenings or on the weekends, you may be throwing yourself into the arms of obesity. A groundbreaking scientific study has shown that in order for your body to have enough time to repair itself, you need to balance your activity and rest periods during the day, both at work and outside of work. If your body doesn’t have enough time to repair, inflammation can begin and excess energy can be stored as fat. Two groups were formed in the study. The first group, called “ants”, included those who were active during the day and evening, while the “lions” included those who were active at work but inactive like a sack of potatoes at night. It seems that just like in nature, the real king is ants!


The ‘beta-carotene’ content of melon is very high. Beta-carotene is the antioxidant that gives fruits and vegetables their yellow/orange color. Therefore, I recommend that you eat the yellowest/orange parts of the melon. It also has a rich content of antioxidants such as choline, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, which protect against a number of diseases and disorders from colds to cancer. It relieves digestion with its high fiber and water content. It is high in B group vitamins and vitamin C. Since it is a fruit with a very high potassium content, those with kidney disease and hypertension should consume it carefully.

It is a fruit that consists of 92% water. It provides the body with the water our skin needs for vitality and freshness. One of the most important benefits is that it is a lycopene store, which gives the fruits red color. lycopene; It is a very powerful antioxidant. First; It is protective against all types of cancer, including colon, pancreatic and stomach cancers. Since its fiber content is very high, it is good for cardiovascular health and digestive system. The most important benefit is the white part between the peel and the red part. This part contains plenty of ‘citrulline’. When citrulline enters our body, it turns into arginine. Arginine is a very potent vasodilator and nitric oxide producer. Nitric oxide is a vascular-friendly miracle. It also strengthens sexuality.

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