5 Yoga Breathing Exercises

Stimulating nasal breathing (practice)

Perceiving the breathing space behind the nose:

Inhale through the nose and try to feel the breathing space behind the nose. This creates a feeling of greater breathing freedom, a feeling of having a lot of space and no limitation.

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Touching the nose:

With your fingertips finely touch the outlines of your facialprojection, your nose.

Plucking your nose:

Pluck and pull the tip of your nose.

Pulling down the tip of the nose:

Move the nose by pulling down at the tip and then let go again.

Pulling the nostrils:

With the thumb and index finger pull the side of the nostrils downwards and sidewards, several times

Tapping massage on the nose:

Do a light tapping massage with the fingertips of the middle and index finger on your nose: First on the nostrils, then along the ridge of the nose, then finally on the root of the nose.

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