5Th Chakra Yoga Poses

5Th Chakra Yoga Poses

With an imbalance in these organs you can either experience the extreme of having too much fire energy and not enough fluids (drying up) or on the other extreme, and more commonly, not enough fire energy and too many fluids, which allows the digestion to become too damp and heavy.

– Always worrying, especially about an uncertain future

– Over thinks, talks more than does

– Over plans things, needs to plan well in advance

– Ungrounded, unclear, very “flighty”, unstable, inability to focus for extended periods (commonly shows ADD and ADHD symptoms)

– Doesn’t eat enough protein and replaces the lack of proper nutrition with processed sugars to get energy bursts

– Poor appetite; often doesn’t eat breakfast and eats at irregular times

– Thin, colorless lips

– Eats while at working desk, watching TV or reading something

– Heartburn, nausea, vomiting and burps often after meals (energy flowing upward instead of downward)

– Lacks muscle tone, weak limbs

– Overweight (too much damp) or underweight (too hot and dry)

– Poor sluggish digestion (too much damp) or overactive digestion (too hot and dry) with an inability to put on weight

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– Feelings of a heavy body

– Ongoing constipation or diarrhea

– Gets colds and flu easily

– Unable to sympathize or empathize with others

– Often self-absorbed and self-centered

– Unable to trust others or the universe; always worried!

– Often manifests as type 2 diabetes

– Lacks sense of community and dislikes sharing with others (self focused)

– Feels tired after meals

The main causes of imbalance are due to an over abundance of sweetened foods (processed sugars), a tendency towards excessive worry and not enough physical movement or training. This is very common in the Western world and is now becoming more common in the East as people are taking to sweetened foods and spending extended times on computers and sitting in chairs. Later, we will discuss how to bring this common imbalance back into balance. It’s not difficult to address this imbalance but it does take time and a change in priorities, but it can add years to your life and installs a strong sense of self responsibility, groundedness and stability in one’s life.

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