7 yoga poses for back pain

Eases tension in your lower back. Lie with your chest 7 yoga poses for back pain and pelvis over the ball, legs straight and hip-distance apart, balls of your 7 yoga poses for back pain feet planted firmly into the floor, and your hands on the 7 yoga poses for back pain ball in front of your chest. Pull the ball into your pelvis and extend your upper 7 yoga poses for back pain back, lifting your chest off the ball. Lower back to start. Repeat up to 8 times. 83 BEGINNER Prone Upper Back T-Pull Lie over the ball, knees slightly bent but off the floor, with arms in the T-position at shoulder-level, and neck long. Roll the ball forward straightening your legs as your arms lift and pull back towards your hips. Return to the starting position, and repeat 10 times.
Medieval communities and identities

The Tantric period is characterised by its new rich diversity of cults and communities evolving from the new social conditions and conflicts just outlined. Many emerging medieval communities were identified – by themselves and others -through religious beliefs, rituals and institutions like Kaula, Krama and Trika. So for them writing a Tantra describing their rituals was a way of defining themselves in relation to the surrounding society. 280 Another way was to associate with a Tantric guru and his lineage.281 Overall we can see from the Tantras that ritual, guru lineage and deity were seen as important defining factors.

So why did communities suddenly find it crucial to define themselves in this way? This is where Hinduisation comes in. Identity building was often an act of opposition. Some groups distanced themselves strongly from surrounding caste societies. Hence their Tantric ritual identity should be understood in relation to that dynamic. Other groups came into being by resisting the inclusion into hegemonic monotheistic discourses (Siva, Vishnu). Some groups refused to be politically incorporated. Instead they rallied around their existing institutions, rituals, gurus and often female gods.282

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