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The dynamics of Hinduisation

In earlier chapters it was shown how Axial Age empires and civilisations came about and changed in Northern India, the eclipse of the Vedic societies, the rise of the ascetic-wisdom culture and cosmological-monotheism producing philosophical, scientific and legal achievements. We saw how mainly Buddhist and Brahmin oral/textual discourse – the Great Traditions – competed with each other for hegemony. What should not be forgotten is that this elite development initially did not affect the lives of the masses of the rest of Indian subcontinent – the aboriginal non-Aryan population. The non-Aryan population of the rest of the sub-continent still lived in communities with almost no state formation – the Little Tradition. Most people lived in local communities in very isolated areas. This meant that their local culture would endure and follow its own pattern of mutations and mergers.

It is in such peripheral provinces that Tantric discourse arose. Many Tantric groups were small tribes or ethnic groups worshipping female gods. Most aboriginals of India – now being subsumed by or forced to interact with feudal powers – belonged to such cultures. As these communities were incorporated into expanding kingdoms, their pantheon of gods – like Devi, Kubjika, Kali, Parvati, Chandi, Kumari etc – was slowly re-branded. We can follow these changes of deity names in the texts until they finally settled as the great gods we know today like Siva, Surya, Ganesha, and Kali (Flood 1996, Brighenti 2001).

Return and repeat with your other leg. Repeat 10 times 8 yoga poses for hair growth . 91 ADVANCED Grasshopper BENEFITS: Isolates and strengthens your hamstrings, creating a curve in your 8 yoga poses for hair growth back thigh. Lie over the ball in a prone position with your upper thighs slightly turned out on the ball, your feet together and knees pointed out in a slight V, with your elbows on the floor. Lift both knees off the ball, while squeezing your butt. Do not tilt your pelvis or raise your back. Hold. Return your knees to the ball.

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