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It is our right to be happy. We are born to be happy. We will live in happiness and in death too we shall be happy.

If it is our right to be happy then why are we sad? What are the ways to be happy? Can yoga really make us happy or just give a temporary sense of wellbeing?

So many of us practise asana, pranayama, taken diksha, do japa and meditation and attended sessions on positive thinking, or go for a pilgrimage or attend a wellness spa, but at the end of the day we return to where we started – unhappiness, suffering, frustration, blind alleys and despair.

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Then where are we going wrong? Why is the yoga we are practising not having an effect? Why are we not transforming? Does yoga have the answer? Yes it has!

Not only money but time and sweat too

Real spiritual yoga starts with selfless service. If you donate money to charity every month and believe you’re doing something great you’re wrong! Merely donating will never give you happiness so do physical seva. You can help out in a local ashram or volunteer at a youth group, but whatever you decide to do, remember that it has to involve physical energy. Behind the facade of physical exertion lies a great spiritual secret. As you do selfless service your mind undergoes a silent transformation – the mental blockages are slowly removed, and subconscious and unconscious conflicts are solved quickly without bothering you as you remain engrossed in physical labour. You will find a new joy in your normal activities and the next time you sit for meditation you will automatically feel relaxed. This is the first and most important point in spiritual yoga, and this is the yoga of many great Swamis including Swami Sivananda and Swami Vivekananda.

Relationship yoga

It’s your most important duty to form a strong and beautiful relationship with your partner, children and family. A loving family results in a calm mind that leads to peaceful meditation. At work be kind and respectful to your subordinates and your employers. Treat all animals with respect and love. If you’re a yoga teacher be kind to your students and honour them. A rude and insensitive bully can never have any success in spiritual yoga.

Truth yoga

The practice of truthfulness is the greatest virtue. Be truthful in your business dealings, at the market and at home. Follow the moral codes as dishonesty, treachery and abuse of power will never make you happy. Simplicity and truthfulness will give you happiness and peace in meditation and spiritual yoga.

The cocktail is the best

Add a little mantra yoga, a little of meditation, a little pranayama and asana, a little spiritual reading and selfless physical service and whip it up with kindness and respect to make a powerful cocktail. If the ingredients are good and in the right amount, the effect will leave you speechless.

Only practical.

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