A Breath Of Yoga

Rubbing the earlobes:

Vigorously rub the earlobe between thumb and index finger. This activates the senses.

Pulling the edges of the ears:

With thumb and index finger pull on the outer edges of the ear conch. Thereby first do one and then the other ear.

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Ear massage:

Massage the ear conch and the entrance to the auditory canal with the middle or index finger.

Ear drumming:

With closed mouth lightly drum with palm of the hands on the ear conches and make an mm sound.

Mouth drumming:

Drum with the flat palms of the hand on the slightly open mouth whilst sounding a vowel sound.

Ear drumming and mouth drumming in alternation: Perform both the previous exercises in continuous alternation and feel your resonance cavities in the head.

Circling with ear package:

With thumb and index finger pinch your ear conch at the entrance to the auditory canal together to a package and perform rotating movements with it.

Making the ear vibrate:

Place the fingertips of your middle fingers into your auditory canals and perform vibrating movements. Now observe your breathing movements.

Feeling the ear from the mouth cavity:

See under Relaxing the tongue (p. 50).


You will find exercises for the nose in the chapter about nasal breathing. You will find further exercises to loosen and relax the head under Yawning.

Stimulating nasal breathing and natural breathing impulses

Why breathing through the nose is so important

We expend our best energy through the mouth, through the nose we rather regain new energy again.

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