Ab Exercises For After Pregnancy

Ab Exercises For After Pregnancy

Figure 10 Ray Influences 2

Perhaps the most significant combination of ray energies relevant to the current study is the combination of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Rays. These are the rays of the triad, and it is triadal consciousness that we are trying to develop.

Finally, the student should very carefully study here the significance of the numbers three, four and five in the evolution of consciousness. Numerology has hitherto been studied primarily, and rightly, from the substance aspect, but not so much from the standpoint of conscious energy.

Figure 11a shows all the interactions of these rays on the seven planes. Figure 11b focuses particularly on their interaction to create the triad.

If we remember that these ray energies relate specifically to group entities which are the result of the united functioning of Hierarchies we may be able to identify some of these entities.

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