Abs Exercises During Pregnancy

Abs Exercises During Pregnancy

Three hierarchies are, in this mahamanvantara, of profound significance, the fourth or human Creative Hierarchy, and the two deva hierarchies, the fifth and sixth.

The fourth Hierarchy in the larger scheme is literally the ninth, for five hierarchies have earlier passed on and are considered as pure abstractions. In this system concretion concerns us, and the blending of form and of energy into one coherent whole. In the ninth, tenth and eleventh Hierarchies lie the clue to the nature of Agni, the Lord of fire, the sumtotal of systemic vitality. He who understands the significance of these figures, and their relation to each other as the triple division of a Unity in time and space will have discovered one of the keys which will unlock a door hitherto fast closed.42

As to the triplicity on the second, third and fourth subplanes:

I would point out that the Lord Agni shows forth His fiery life on the atomic subplane of each plane; He shows forth as solar fire on the second, third and fourth, and as ‘fire by friction’ on the fifth, sixth and seventh.43

Note how all the Fifth Ray divisions seem to have a relationship with Agni we will find out why in due course.

Groupings of Four Ray 4 (yellow spheres)

In Figure 11b the lower circle has to do with man in incarnation:

Thus it can be seen that where man is concerned, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh hierarchies are, during the cycle of incarnation, his very self.44

While the highest sphere comprises the four cosmic ethers. Together they make up the duality of Spirit/Matter.

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The two middle circles in Figure 11a are harder to identify, but one links the atmic and astral planes (the link between Rays Three and Six?) while the other links the monadic with the mental (the link between Rays Two and Five?) Another quote from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire may also have relevance here:

In the process of treading that Path and of achieving the goal, man is resolved into the five-pointed star, finally into the triangle of Spirit. Between these two stages is a mysterious esoteric stage wherein he is resolved into the four, not this time the four of the lower quaternary, but a higher four.45

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