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Keep your arms at shoulder height or a bit lower to Advanced bikram yoga 84 poses keep your neck long and relaxed. Roll the ball towards one arm, turning onto your Advanced bikram yoga 84 poses side while your arms stay in the lifted position. Return to prone position. Repeat 5 times on each side. ADVANCED Alternating Straight Leg Extensions BENEFITS: Creates a lift in the butt. Strengthens the arms, back, shoulders, and abs. Lie over the ball with a straight body knees and shins on top of the ball and your hands on the floor in a push-up position. Keeping your hips perfectly even, lift one straight leg off the ball.

This quotation seems actually to describe an ascetic act leading to ritual suicide. Although Jain texts are of a later date some aspects like the ritual suicide reflect this early proto period. Bronkhorst (1993) recognises that the path of ascetic mortification of the body, walked by the proto-Sramanas, often actually had the sombre purpose of ritual suicide. Asceticism was to many of them not just a lifestyle, but literally ritualised self-mortification. They reduced eating and drinking and finally stopped breathing – a practice later on also described among the Brahmin forest hermits.

This leads to the interesting hypothesis that some of the proto-Sramanas originated among death cults preparing people to die in a proper way. They were in some way counsellors and managers of pre- and post- death experiences like the Greek Megasthenes mentioned in the earlier quotation. So the act and way of proper dying’ – one of the aims of the proto-Sramanas was contemplated in their new ascetic discourses and practices. We have to consider the possibility that some Sramanas – displaced local upper classes – found a new way of living as consultants in proper ways of dying. It was in this context – which I define as a cultural field that they developed new Axial Age discourses about the release from re-birth, the immovable soul, a peaceful afterlife, the effect of an ethical life and so on.

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