Akarm Dhanurasana Pose Yoga

Making one’s own life decisions are heavy enough, but someone else’s, with five children and a wife, seemed an impossible task.Akarm Dhanurasana Pose Yoga Everyone was called in just days before Father’s Day. Upon arrival, we filled this large room until there was no more space left; the patriarch in the center of it, his children standing vigil over him.Akarm Dhanurasana Pose Yoga Our father was never a particularly religious man, and yet here he was in a Catholic hospital where we asked for his last rites for our peace of mind, and stood praying over his long, pale body, looking more like a newborn child than a man about to die. He could hardly breathe his last breaths. The nurses periodically brought in oxygen masks and regularly increased his morphine intake, as well, to ease the breathing process. The reality of the value of breathing struck me as I stood witness to his unconscious struggle. The habit that we’d both found solace in would ultimately prevail and claim his final breaths.

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