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Forming a Union with Backdoor Yoga

As I’ve said before, Backdoor Yoga methods are quite different than in the traditional schools of Yoga. There is nothing that you cannot do and there is nothing you have to do. You may smoke whatever you want, drink alcohol, eat meat and go against all moral ethics of society.

The methods that I present are very similar to Transcendental Meditation. A Lotus position is not needed: just be your natural self. I suggest to you to be comfortable wherever you like to be meditating.

Awareness is your best ally in realizing a connection that has already been formed. Total Union is very difficult to achieve, as you can tell by the number of Enlightened individuals in the world. It is questionable if even Jesus actually attained the state of total neutrality of the mind, so that leaves only the Buddhas who lived before Jesus.

Anyone who is in Union with the Soul or Self has unlimited power with energy beyond any human concept of it and can readily protect themselves from any human threat.

There has been some recognition of this in recorded or written comments. For example, Jesus states that “the energy within has to rise to attain a place in Heaven,” and that is something only you can do for yourself.

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