Alternate Nostril Breathing Yoga Journal


With closed eyes do the movement of a spiral, which extends itself from a central point towards the outside. Then take the reverse route from the outside back to the central point. Thereby observe your breathing. Here also the breathing follows the eye movement by sometimes expanding and then collecting itself again.

Covering the eyes:

Cover your closed eyes with the palms of your hands. Tired eyes can regenerate and relax and thereby the nerves can calm down.

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Probing the eyelids:

Carefully probe the eyes with the fingertips through the eyelids of the closed eyes. Then place your

flat fingertips onto the eyelids.

Opening and closing the eyelids:

Whilst inhaling open your eyelids a little and allow them to drop down again whilst exhaling.

Visualising the eye sockets

With closed eyes imagine the width and depth of your eye sockets, even if you have no anatomical knowledge whatsoever.

Probing the eyes with the tip of the tongue:

Close your eyes and now with closed mouth probe with the tip of the tongue from inside through the upper palate the outer contours of first the right eye, then the pupil, then finally probe the dimensions of the eye socket up to the base. Perform the same exercise on the left side.

Allowing the eyes to sink into the eye sockets:

Allow your eyeballs to sink deeply into your eye sockets like a stone in a clear lake. When you feel you have reached its bed, then try to look inwards into the interior of the head. This is quite unusual because we normally only look towards the outside. Only whilst dreaming or also during Autogenic Training can we see images and colours with closed eyes. Then allow your eyes to slowly dive up again to the surface of the lake, open your eyes and look closely and clearly at your environment.

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