Anahata Yoga Poses

Anahata Yoga Poses

This is what Backdoor Yoga is all about

The Game that I have been describing is Life. You are born, raised as a child, become an adult and eventually die. There seems to be a problem in the world and in the afterlife. Apparently the Collective Consciousness of the world population has initiated a shift in Consciousness. It is not happy with the way the world is acting and it appears that a large group of people are not satisfied with their lives and are leaving the Churches and Religions quite quickly. The world is changing and Nature has a questionable grasp.

There are more people Meditating and searching for some sort of Spirituality. Also, more and more people are having a difficult time accepting the death process. The biggest problem with Christians is that they make the assumption that, after their death, Jesus is going to open the door to Heaven and they are automatically saved from the grasp of Satan, if there is a Satan.

It does not work that way: you have to do it yourself. Essentially you have to change your way of thinking and eliminate Nature from your mind. Even after death you will be approached by a Spiritual guide and this spirit will say the same thing as I’ve written here, more or less.

You may find this a little hard to believe; however, I have had a brief encounter with death. I also have had Kundalini experiences and a bout with Cosmic Consciousness and these have opened my mind up to a whole new different world without boundaries.

But what really solidified my thoughts was when my first wife passed way. It was about two years after her death, while in the twilight of a sleepless night, that I heard her voice. It was the first time since her death. She said, “I am getting married,” and it startled me. “How can that be,” I responded, “as we are still married and you are dead?”

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