Ananda Yoga Poses

Ananda Yoga Poses

You can name this wall Judgment, and this wall is the line in the sand that keeps us in partial Union with our own Inner Self. We must remove the wall and allow ourselves to become completely neutral in thoughts and actions and “Be Born Again”. This is the true meaning of being born again. In Hinduism, you become one within the Universe, you are God; a Being becoming a Non-Being.

The sad part is that it is very, very difficult to knock down that wall that surrounds us and enjoy the benefits of peace and harmony that follow. Eventually death comes to us, and most people are afraid to die because of the haunting messages of the Churches and Religions. It all boils down to the fact that we are afraid of the Unknown.

When I was young, seventeen, I had a head start on society dealing with the Unknown. Death came to me on a beautiful warm sunny October afernoon with the scent of ripe apples in the air. I was working on the family car. I had it jacked up with one of the poorest jacks you could use, a scissor jack. I was there under the car for a few minutes when the car rolled back and the jack collapsed. It all happened in a split second the pain in my head, then my body, as two tons of steel was trying to push me into the gravel driveway. I suspect time was at standstill as I felt myself falling in the darkness towards a bright light out in the distance of my mind. The pain of the initial impact was gone and I felt a presence and peace of mind and spirit in the Unknown vision of the future as I rapidly approached the brightest light I have ever seen.

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Suddenly, out of the darkness someone started to talk to me, the voice kind and gentle but firm This voice, one that I have never forgotten, said, “It is not time yet, you have to go back.” And then I felt my father pulling me out from under the car.

This brush with death at an early age was, I suspect, one of my first lessons dealing with the Spiritual world in a manner without claim. As the years passed and lessons increased it was evident.

Prior to our birth we plan and create our own life, just like the movie I mentioned earlier. We pick the day when we want to die, and the method of our death. What is even more bizarre, we pick our own mother, and father, including what race we want to be and what country we want to live in. We write the movie, the script, and decided who directs it.

What I am really saying is that there are no accidents, no coincidences: everything is planned. You are the Creator of yourself, and the planner of your own life.

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