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Angel Pose Yoga

Fear is in a world by itself. It is so powerful that you can create whatever you are afraid of, and enhance it out of all proportion whether it is a feeling or object. Or possibly a form that you could make into a manifestation that will haunt you and follow you wherever you go.

If you do have a lot preferences that do not seem to be much of a belief, the problem is that they are a form of judgment. The only person or God that judges anything is yourself. The God that I am familiar with does not judge anybody or anything.

Preferences are interesting because they are everything you like or do not like. They can be the style of your clothes, the color of your car, your favorite programs on TV. The list is quite formidable, including what you like to eat and even what you do as entertainment or enjoyment. It includes your politics, the sports teams you endorse and, don’t forget, there is likely to be a Religion thrown in.

I like to repeat one of the historical Buddha’s statements: “Be Like a New Born Babe and Forget Everything You Know.”

The older we get, the more stubborn we are about our preferences and beliefs. We are always right and everybody else is wrong. We have a hard time accepting other people’s thoughts or ideas that are different than our own. We have built a wall around ourselves so high that it is difficult to see beyond it, or feel or enjoy the world beyond it. The very existence of this imaginary wall prevents escape from a world we created.

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