Animal Poses Yoga

Animal Poses Yoga

It is thus the Game is a course on “Death” and Backyard Yoga is “Dying 101” as an exercise in humility and appreciation of the transition into the Spiritual world of Nothingness.

I do not agree with many questionable things found in blogs of history or in the Bible, the Koran, or other Religious scriptures. But I do accept the historical Buddha’s comment on Nature, that “Nature follows you into the grave”.

When we were born we were placed in the palm of Nature. As the years pass and the Spring turns into Autumn, the hand slowly closes in on us and Nature has a tight grasp on us. The world we know is a permanent mark embedded deeply into the subconscious of our mind so that we see and think only one way: our way. We have built a wall so high around ourselves that it is extremely difficult to accept living any other way than how we have been doing the past seventy or eighty years, or less.

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Nature is all the plant and animal life that surrounds us. We forget we are part of Nature, and all our beliefs are through Nature.

So if you believe in Heaven or Hell, those beliefs are going to follow you into the grave. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? If you feel that you are a sinner, or have guilt over hurting someone, or you have accidentally put something in your pocket without paying for it, it continues with you in the Death process. Nature is more than breaking society’s code of moral ethics. What you think is right and wrong, good and bad. What’s acceptable and what is not acceptable, and most of all the ideals of what you prefer or dislike, including what we desire and those things we fear. These all form Nature’s grasp.

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