Animal Yoga Poses

Animal Yoga Poses

This new way of looking at life is quite a bit beyond the norms that we have been exposed to with the Theory of Evolution, the Big Bang Theory and the Bible’s story of Creation. But all the things we have been exposed to are theories. Even now science is entertaining the idea that the world is a big hologram and, in a way, that we live in a big projector.

My experiences indicate, and I like to say, that we live in a bad “B” movie where we have much of the population running around, yelling and screaming when some major disaster is taking place, only to be saved by a scientist who just happens to come along. Except when you watch the news and hear what is happening in the world it becomes a really bad “B” movie. This particular movie revolves around an ancient story based on Moses and the Ten Commandments and the Bible where people are still dissecting its origin without much proof of accuracy. As I said, we live in a bad movie.

The basics of the Game are easily found in the Bible, and are very similar to the parable that Jesus told.

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There is a rich land owner (God) who has a son (Humanity). The son decides it is time to go out into the world to make a mark. The father is all for it, but in order to truly have all the benefits of experiencing what life is really about, the father casts a spell on the son to make him forget everything he knew of his home. And off goes the son to make his fortune. To enjoy the pleasures of the world, and possibly find a wife. He is away for a long time, probably a lifetime. He becomes a part of the society that existed back then. He sees death and destruction, and feels the cold and the heat, experiences pain and sees the bloodshed that was prevalent in those times. Not much different than the present day. As the days pass he starts to appreciate what he had at his father’s house, even without remembrance of it. He has a nagging feeling that he was comfortable, he was warm and he got whatever he wanted. He longs for those days of comfort (Spirituality), a sense of security, a sense of need. Home.

In a way death exposes us to a new way of life, a new beginning, or I could say “Death is Life”, which I have heard from a source that I could not see. So the son returns home, with a different understanding of a Spiritual life, even though that is a little hard to accept when you are not even a spirit, you are a Non-Being. Nothingness.

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