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He had quit smoking for a while, but eventually gave in to a lifelong addiction because it felt more natural to him than refraining.Ardha Bhekasana Pose Yoga He carried a small bottle of glycerin tablets wherever he went, and smoked secretly on his own.Ardha Bhekasana Pose Yoga The cancer was not quite as sudden as that first warning. The symptoms crept up stealthily. The cough had already become a part of him, but then he started coughing up blood, and feeling general malaise and excruciating back pain. Suddenly, the patriarchy that was my dad’s decision-making became a collective process, and all decisions became majority votes in one direction or the other. I was finally in a position where I could show my father, and myself, what I felt for him. I had already beat my own addiction nearly three years earlier, and had little tolerance for his conscious decision to continue devaluing his life through this habit.

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