Asanas Yoga Poses

Asanas Yoga Poses

Many of his disciples observed that he had no personal interest in sex and never had sex with any male or female disciple, although he asked some of the women to strip off in front of him during initiation, supposedly to admire their beauty. His only desire was to be accepted as some kind of great prophet of the world. The evidence that he was a jinn, can be observed through his speech, which was quite unique and possessed a particular sound vibration that splits the ether, many words he pronounced had a snake-like hissing or whistling sound, which allows ghosts to travel even in daytime, thus haunting the mind of all those who heard him speak. It was also observed that whenever he made an appearance for his lecture, the large lecture hall would immediately fill with ghosts and everyone present was being haunted. Another striking phenomenon was that many of his disciples’ both male and female, had their hair turn grey within a very short period, a clear sign of haunting. There were also many cases of possession amongst the disciples living in the ashram at Koregoan Park, an area with thousands of large banyan trees, the favorite haunt of ghosts. It is highly unlikely that Rajneesh himself was aware that he was an evil jinn. By naming himself as Bhagwan, he obviously believed he was an avatar of God, even though his teachings were more applicable to a dog rather than a God.

In the final year or so of his life he believed that he was being haunted by evil spirits and was under the impression some form of witchcraft was being practiced by his disciples, even though no such evidence ever emerged. The fact is that he himself was totally haunted and was already a cursed man due to his own sins. He was being haunted by the ghostly reactions to his own demonic doctrine of neo-sannyasa, having preached that adultery and illicit-sex are an integral aspect of the ‘new-age’ sannyasa-dharma. Such a gross and misguided idea can only lead to misery and an early death.

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Rajneesh was from birth a Jain and always identified himself as a Jain. The term ‘Jain’ or ‘Jaina’ is derived from the word ‘Jinn’ means a particular species of ghosts or evil spirits in the Sanskrit language, also known as vetal. However, a jinn is considered in Jainism to be a liberated soul, but in Islamic belief, in Vedic sashtras and in tantra, they are considered to be supernatural spirits that can also take possession over humans or animals, referred to in English as a jinni (of Aladdin’s lamp fame), a un-embodied spirit who possesses supernatural power or siddhi. The connection with Jainism is that a person, who performs severe austerities that torture the body, can become a powerful un-embodied spirit in a future birth, due to the karma of giving severe tapasya and causing uncalled-for pain and torment to the body.

The Jains are a religious community who follow a very obscure practice of both non-violence and extreme forms of self-mortification of the body, in pursuit of liberation through punya-karma or piety. The religion is based on a very ancient practice called jada-yoga, or the practice of bodily abnegation. Jada-yoga was introduces by Lord Rishbhdeva, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who appeared in the Satya-yuga, when the practice of jada-yoga was possible. Jainism has deviated from the original teachings of Rishabhdeva, but instead of following His teachings based on the Vedas, they have simply imitated his activities of tapasya and jada-yoga. Therefore they practice a severe form of jada-yoga, but without the philosophy of Vedanta or Brahma-jnana, thus they have developed a doctrine where there is no concept of a Supreme Godhead, and Lord Rishabhdeva has been demoted to just an ordinary liberated soul, who they consider to be the first jinn, referred to as the founder and first Tirthankar or teacher of Jainism The goal of Jain religion is to become a jinn and achieve nirvana for the eternally existing soul through pious acts or punya-karma. However, severe self-mortification of the body is not punya or pious activity but actually ugra-karma.

Of the two existing Jain sects, one sect goes completely naked and practices removing head and facial hair by pulling it out from the roots by the hands. They neither bathe nor clean their teeth, considered by these misguided people to be the high point of piety. As it is said ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and thus Jains are definitely not godly or believe in God. It has been said that the Jains were the original hippies due to their habit of not bathing. The Jain concept of punya-karma is simply a materialistic concept similar to karma-yoga. In extreme forms of jada-yoga, the practitioner remains silent and lives alone in the forest, eating whatever he can find, or lies on the ground eating whatever falls from the trees into his mouth, including foliage for food and rain drops for water. Due to this extreme form of bodily torture, Jains may be reborn as jinns, or un-embodied spirits, or simply as jinns in human form like Rajneesh. “Those who undergo severe austerities and penances not recommended in the scriptures, performing them out of pride and egoism, who are impelled by lust and attachment, who are foolish and who torture the material elements of the body as well as the Supersoul dwelling within, are to be known as demons.” (Bg.17.5-6)

In tantra and also Islamic belief, Jinns can be malevolent as well as benevolent to those who worship them, just like ghosts, and can procure wealth and other worldly pleasures for their worshippers. Rajneesh could provide a facility for unrestricted sex indulgence to many, many thousands of men and women, who accepted him as their guru and who agreed to wear his picture hung around their necks. To be able to provide such a doctrine and facility for sex-orgies for to so many thousands of people is something that no other person in history has ever been able to accomplish on such a large scale. The sex orgies of devil-worshipers may be the closest comparison that comes anywhere near to the Rajneesh phenomena, which also clearly identifies him as a very powerful jinn or evil spirit.

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