Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Poses

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Poses

Rajneesh was a complete hypocrite who continuality contradicted himself and changed his philosophical ideas just as frequently as he changed his name, and his designer robes. From the humble Mohan Jain, he took on the grandiose title of Acharya Rajneesh. Then after some time he once again changed his name to God, by calling himself Bhagwan Rajneesh, and then later on to the Japanese name Osho Rajneesh, in order to cash in on the booming Japanese market. The Sanskrit dictionary says the name Rajneesh is actually the name of Ravana, the demon who used to rape women and who kidnapped Sita Devi. ‘Rajneesh’ means ‘king of darkness’, a rather befitting name for a self-proclaimed ‘enlightened master’ spreading so much ‘darkness’. Regarding his dysfunctional philosophy, on one occasion he boldly declared that the Vedas and the Upanishads were dead, but two years later he had changed his mind and boldly declared “My whole dream is the Upanishadic dream” It seems that dreaming was the only thing he was successful at, besides his predilection for changing his name and his wardrobe. His philosophy was the philosophy of a materialist, not a spiritualist. His entire agenda was solely based on enjoying life through gross sensual indulgence and the pleasure derived from illicit-sex. His philosophy lacked knowledge about the origin of the spirit-soul or the Kingdom of God. He had no understanding of Paramatma the Holy Ghost, or the cause of the universal manifestation. All of which he seemed to be completely oblivious about. He had no conception of karma or the severe reaction to sinful activities like free-sex; even though from the time he declared himself as an ‘Acharya’ and began preaching his free-sex doctrine; he began to suffer from multiple health problems and a host of allergies.

Finding the local people becoming more and more hostile to his doctrine of sexual liberation and his disciples ‘public celebration of sex’, Rajneesh fled to America where he eventually set up shop in the State of Oregon. But hostility from the locals there, plus serious contravention of American law, forced him to go on the run but he was apprehended before he could secretly fly out of America in his private plane.

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Ultimately, Rajneesh failed dismally to prove that his doctrine worked and towards the end of his life, once he returned to Pune, he had to adjust his philosophy, by requesting his disciples to no longer ‘celebrate life’ in public, something which had been the most central theme on which his entire philosophy was based, his doctrine of ‘religion is an art that shows how to celebrate life’ failed, because he had to change the doctrine and tone down the ‘celebration’, simply because ‘sex is not an art’, as every dog knows, and because he feared public opinion since his embarrassing debacle in America where he ended up in jail.

He died in shame and condemnation, after being hounded out from some twenty-one countries across the globe that refused to allow him to stay, after his infamous extradition from the USA, on charges of criminal conspiracy. No country in the world wanted the ‘sex guru’ on their territory spreading his adulterous philosophy of free-sex. Eventually he had to return to India with ‘his tail between his legs’, a country to which, on his sudden departure for America, had vowed never to return to again. Rajneesh is best remembered for his collection of 99 Rolls-Royce luxury cars, which was some sort of childish ambition of a small-time Indian ‘village boy’, who wanted to prove to the world that he ‘had finally arrived’ on the big stage. It can be said that this collection of cars was the defining moment of the sex guru’s ‘spiritual ambition’, the desire for status and notoriety through name, fame, and fortune, which are the subtle aspects of the false-ego. So much for ‘enlightenment’, it sounds more like ‘darkness’ of night – neesha, and he was the raja or king!

In fact, it appeared that when he finally died in Pune, at the comparatively young age of 58, he died from what has been described as ‘Aids syndrome’. He appeared like someone badly afflicted with the aids virus, having all the symptoms of immune deficiency syndrome, but who wasn’t HIV positive. A karmic reaction caused by the sins of his dog-like disciples. The Guru must take all the sins of his disciples on his own head. However, the most amazing thing about Rajneesh, the sex guru, was the fact that – he never had sex in his life. According to research undertaken by an Indian astrologer, who went to Pune, in order to observe Rajneesh and calculated all the details concerning his birth and activities. His conclusion based on astrology was that Rajneesh was himself sexless, that he never had sex in his entire life. The horoscope also indicated that he not an ordinary human, but a jinn, who had been a misguided Jain yogin in his previous life and had taken birth as a powerful jinn to fulfill his ambition of becoming God.

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