Ashtanga Yoga Breathing

Relaxing the eyes (practice)

Batting the eyelids:

Move your eyelids up and down like fluttering butterfly wings. When resting observe whether the breathing has changed at all.

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Close the eyes up to a very small gap and then blink! It is well known that blinking relaxes the eyes.

Circling the eyes:

Allow your open eyes to perform circular movements and whilst doing so exactly observe your environment. Then do the same with closed eyelids and then rest again.

Eye training:

Fixate on a point. Then in sequence look right, look left, look up and down, whereby in between you always come back to this point.

Now close your eyes and take a rest.

The movement of the breathing follows the eyes:

With closed eyes sequentially look down, look up, look right and look left for a while, whereby you repeatedly return to the centre. Whilst doing this observe where your breathing movement becomes noticeable. You will find that your breathing goes to where your eyes are looking into the lower, the upper cavity, and into the left and right sides.

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