Ashtanga Yoga Poses Cheat Sheet

Ashtanga Yoga Poses Cheat Sheet


Kali-yuga is the age of many false prophets where demons take to religion in an attempt to be recognized as some king of a God, and most of them give themselves big grandiose titles like; Bhagavan, Shri-Shri, Satya-Sai, Paramahamsa and Jagadguru, and propound philosophical doctrines that do not conform to the true principles of religion as enjoined in the revealed scriptures of the world, like the Vedas, the Bhagavad-gita, the Holy Bible and the Koran. Such demonic persons simply mislead the common man away from the path of righteousness and promote themselves as jagatgurus, messiahs, enlightened masters, or incarnations of God, while raking in the ‘moolah’ and enjoying a film-star life-style. There are also some misguided gurus who claim that through unrestricted sex indulgence one can become enlightened.

There is a philosophy that is mentioned in the Shrimad Bhagavatam, that describes the philosophy whereby, in order to extinguish the burning fire of sex-desire, blazing in ones heart, one should simply indulge oneself in as much sex as possible and within time, such desire for sex will simply cease to exist. My dear King, if an agricultural field is cultivated again and again, the power of its production decreases, and whatever seeds are sown there are lost. Just as drops of ghee on a fire never extinguish the fire but a flood of ghee will, similarly, overindulgence in lusty desires mitigates such desires entirely.” (SB.7.11.33-34) This doctrine regarding the ‘flood of ghee’ is meant for degraded sudras who are addicted to sinful activities and are never going to follow the Vedic injunctions of self-control. Thus by fulfilling their carnal desires, after many lifetimes, such desires may eventually be mitigated. This doctrine is sometimes practiced by tantric-yogis and those in the mode of ignorance and passion. However, to gain success in this process is practically impossible for an ordinary man; only the rarest soul could possibly achieve success by this process, and simultaneously achieve the goal of enlightenment. Such a technique would have to be tempered with a deep knowledge of the Vedas, because without transcendental knowledge, even if one eventually gets bored with sex, he has no understanding of the nature of the soul, Brahman, or the cause of material existence. Freedom from sex-desire alone is of little value. Nevertheless, however attractive the idea regarding the ‘’flood of ghee’’ may sound to lusty men, it is practically impossible for ordinary humans to even get that much sex. Even the sex-mongers of Hollywood and Bollywood still crave for sex until their final breath.

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The only person to make such an attempt to use unrestricted sex as a means of achieving liberation, was the famous ego-maniac Rajneesh, the notorious sex guru of Pune, who tried to propagate such a doctrine, which he adopted from the 60’s hippie movement with its philosophy of ‘free love’, which he then converted it into his own creed of ‘free sex’. His slogan was ‘religion is an art that shows how to celebrate life’. Which is a complete concoction, as religion is the transcendental art that shows how to celebrate God’s life and how to please God by following His commandments. Unfortunately, Rajneesh didn’t know God or how to please Him He thought he was God, and everyone had to follow his commandments and please him The concept of neo-sannyasa, that Rajneesh promoted was based on the philosophy that there should be no marriage, just free sex, and the children born from such sex belonged to everyone in the ashram He also said that his true disciple was one who chased after sex from morning till night. His idea of ‘religion as an art’ sounds more like the religion of dogs who chase sex all day long and sometimes kill their own offspring. This kind of utopian philosophizing would imply that the monkeys in the trees are all enlightened masters.

His ashram in Pune, where his disciples resided, was a ‘free sex zone’ where everyone lived naked including the children of his disciples. It appeared to the rare observers who gained access to the ‘inner sanctum’, that everyone appeared sexually aroused from morning till night, including the young children, both girls and boys. His foreign disciples became an embarrassment to local people, because of their promiscuous behavior in public places, where they exhibited their penchant for ‘celebrating life’, which meant unrestricted sexual activity, in parks, cafes, restaurants, and especially in the back-row of local cinema halls. They were often jeered at and called names like gandhu and bhenchut by local youths. In order to become a follower of Rajneesh one had to have money as absolutely nothing was free. There was even a fee to hear his so-called religious discourse and without paying no one could engage in any of the meditations. The whole set-up was a well-oiled business from top to bottom that earned huge amounts from his sex-hungry followers.

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