Back Exercises During Pregnancy

Back Exercises During Pregnancy

The soul is required to work in two directions: Outward through the personality, which requires a long period of education followed by the initiatory process of soul infusion. The soul must also work towards the monad and at-one-ment with the Life aspect. The Christ as the world soul expressed this in his simultaneous commitment to humanity and to the Will of the Father.

If we consider the soul as the causal body the process of soul infusion requires higher manas to infuse lower manas, buddhi to infuse the astral body and atma to infuse the physical-etheric plane. If we consider the soul as the triad, it is atma which must be used to anchor the creative aspect of the monad in the mind, the monadic force which must infuse the astral body, and the energy of the highest plane of all the logoic which must eventually reach to the lowest plane via the soul. The first process unifies the soul and personality, and in that fused light the light of Spirit can then operate. The second process fuses the monad with the personality and the full expression of the highest into the lowest is complete.

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At both levels there is a balancing process in time and space that is required. The soul must balance the higher and lower wills by first of all lending more strength to the lower, then finding a point of balance and lastly emphasising the higher.

To bring this down to the practical level an initiate must balance in his own nature the three wills of monad, soul and personality which are in fact a part of one Will. An over-emphasis (at the wrong time) upon achieving outcomes in the three worlds may result in a dislocation from the Life aspect, whereas an overemphasis on the Life aspect may alienate the personal self as it senses its inability to meet the demand of the higher Will.

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