Baddha Konasana Pose Yoga

In vinyasa, each posture is held for a specific number of breaths, the inhalations and exhalations of which correspond to each movement of a posture, including lifting up into another pose.Baddha Konasana Pose Yoga The breath and gaze, or drishti, also have a purpose in each and every asana. For example, on all odd-numbered vinyasa, the gaze should be focused between the eyebrows, and puraka inhalation should be performed. On all even-numbered vinyasa, the gaze is on the tip of the nose, and rechaka exhalation should be performed.Baddha Konasana Pose Yoga The word and practice of ujayyi refers to an uprising or upward movement of prana. The three characteristics of ujayyi are its very distinct sound, the even flow of breath, and the wave motion that occurs in the diaphragm. Achieving the sound of ujayyi is the most challenging and important characteristic for proper technique of this pranayama. To practice, sit in a comfortable position and draw in the air through both nostrils while holding the back of your throat or glottis partially closed.

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