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Iyengar says that the asana must be perfect in order to practice pranayama and, until they are, students should not practice it at all.Bakasana Pose Yoga He also says that when asanas are performed well, pranayama will occur naturally. In Astanga, ujayyi breathing is so greatly emphasized in the practice that a newcomer to an Astanga class may be startled or intimidated by the sound of heavy breathing that inevitably envelops you.

However, this community of sound does help to align your own ujayyi breathing, which assists youBakasana Pose Yoga in the flow of vinyasa series of postures. When practicing alone, it is like a sort of inner metronome, which serves the body as a measure for the length or duration of a posture. In Astanga Yoga, ujayyi breathing is also used to enrich prana. Focusing on the ujayyi breath in asana practice causes energy to be channeled throughout the body to support us in difficult postures. If the breath can support you and elevate you in a headstand or balance posture, imagine how useful it can be as a support in difficult emotional situations.

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