Balancing Yoga Poses

Balancing Yoga Poses

I began yet again in my forties during pregnancy. Facing bed rest and a C-section, I was grateful for visualization, breathing, and meditative practices that kept me calm and centered. Postpartum healing, emotionally and physically, was slow and challenging, but my practice of acceptance and surrender was constant. As I got stronger and my practice grew more physical again, I snapped right back into pre-pregnancy shape without even consciously trying.

A yoga practice isn’t static, but rather something that grows with you as your body and mind change. As a busy mom, yoga studio owner, teacher, and writer, I need my practice today more than ever. I might practice for 15 minutes before my toddler wakes up or after she goes to sleep. I can also practice when I’m standing in the kitchen or sitting on an airplane. Yoga goes way beyond exercises on the mat. You can practice mindfulness all day long, and bring yoga into everything you do. Practicing yoga can relieve your physical, mental, and emotional tension. It can help you feel your best and live up to your highest potential.

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My intention in writing this book is to guide you toward all the blessings of yoga: a tension-free body, a peaceful mind, a joyful spirit, an open heart, and a more authentic and fulfilling life. I start out by walking you through yoga’s basic philosophy and practices. Then I show you how to adapt this ancient method of self-healing to your life. The book features different poses and routines that incorporate physical, breathing, and meditation exercises. You can mix up these routines to suit your needs and to keep your practice fresh and fun. I also explore ways for you to bring your practice off the mat through more mindful living. Finally, I explain the yogic concept of service and how to take the benefits out into the world.

Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. As a teacher, I’ve had the honor of witnessing my students’ lives similarly transform through yoga. I’m excited to offer you the same chance. This book is all you need to start your journey to improved health, happiness, and peace of mind.

Now, your practice of yoga begins.

ONE Mind and Body as One

What do you think of when you hear the word yoga? Perhaps you see an image of a beautiful, serene woman balancing on one leg at sunset. Or you see rows of young, perfectly synchronized athletic bodies in a well-lit yoga studio. But yoga is so much more than a trend or workout. It ’s a way of life that leads to inner peace and harmony. In fact, poses are just one small aspect of yoga. And anyone, regardless of body type or athletic ability, can reap the benefits of a yoga practice. Let ’s start with the basics.

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