Basic Yoga Poses Chart

Basic Yoga Poses Chart

I believe that in most instances is that you did leave it until tomorrow. Take the first action right NOW, just as you think of it. Do what you can do, now. Even if it is a small action, it will have two very positive effects:

1. You will have an action, you will have STARTED something and the first action will lead you to the next one.

2. This first action has now become part of an unfinished task or goal. And this will niggle at you until you take actions to complete to the end. This irritation feeling is very powerful.

In a way this Nike slogan leads back to the old saying “Never put off until

If you cannot complete the task today, you can take an action. This could be to write yourself a reminder note. This could be setting your alarm to get up early. This could be making a phone call to make the first connection.

The difference between the achievers and the non-achievers lies in this clever slogan.

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