Pendulum breathing

When your self-teaching session is over, stay with your relaxed arm feelings for five to 10 minutes, pendulum breathing throughout.

The idea today is to put together a relaxation programme. This will not be your final programme -that comes later as a few more elements are built into the system. The aim at this half-way stage is to use your half hour (hopefully twice a day) in an economical but fruitful way by making the techniques automatic and concentrating on making the difficult parts less difficult. As you learn the various techniques you will find that you enjoy, and are more preoccupied with the already pleasurable and positive parts of the programme. It is through these positive feelings that success in relaxation is ultimately attained.

Reread Muscle relaxation (Day One) and concentrate on the relationship of the relaxed muscle to the relaxed self. Reflect on the concepts of proprium and the relaxed muscle state.

Establish Pendulum breathing (Day Two) for 10 breaths, then carry out Day One How to recognize tension and relaxation in muscles. Routines a and b, while maintaining pendulum breathing.

Revision and synchronization

1. Muscle relaxation

2. Pendulum breathing

3. Feeling the relaxed muscle

Repeat Day One How to recognize tension and relaxation in muscles, Routine a only. (You are trying to forget muscle tension analysis; you must now only recognize the memory of it so that you can reject it.)

Take 10 four-second pendulum breaths in and out, then gently feel front of right thigh with middle finger of right hand. Then prod thigh muscle with rigid finger, and continue with pendulum breathing.


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