Beach Yoga Poses

Beach Yoga Poses

Another way of dealing with a setback is to read or study others who have failed. Just dip into the internet and read the stories of Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Colonel

Sanders (yes him from KFC) and learn about the setbacks that they suffered before succeeding in life.

Reframe the experience as a challenge. Make yourself determined that this will not happen to you again. Steel yourself that you will not suffer this fate again. Hold onto the feelings of hurt as a spur to move you on to greater heights.

Think about a diamond. When this comes out of the ground it is not the article that you see in a ring, it is a dull muddy coloured object. You have to polish this up by rubbing the surface. Your setback is like that, it is the times when you get some abrasion in your life when you learn most about yourself.

Not passing an exam, losing a race or whatever it is will probably teach you much more about your strengths than easily passing an exam or winning a race. You will learn more from a struggle than an easy victory.

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